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I'm a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist who is passionate about people living life to its fullest.


Having suffered with severe low back pain and sciatica in the late 80's, I quickly recognized that effective low back treatment was very limited. I decided to dedicate myself to the understanding and treating of complex, chronic low back sciatica, disc herniations, disc bulges etc.
I now run the Southern California Spine Center...San Diegos' leader in providing non-surgical spinal decompression and advanced low back pain solutions.
Concurrently, the other aspect to my own development, was how my training and studies in neurology, neurophysiology and brain behavior lead me to looking deeper and deeper into the sub-conscious mind as it relates to changing behavior. Chronic pain sufferers or patients who needed to lose weight struggled until I started applying neural re-conditioning methods. The results were astounding in both groups. It certainly has become an area of expertise and passion for me! I now teach and provide others with the tools necessary to make quick and easy behavioral changes.


I love spending time with my wife and two beautiful children. Hobbies include, martial arts, hiking, golf as well as research in the areas of brain, spine, health and weight loss.