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    The Southern California Spine Center is San Diego's premiere non-surgical Spine Center. Our center has two DRX 9000 True Spinal Decompression systems and combines them with cutting edge low back spinal rehabilitation. The benefit to you is a proven program that delivers long lasting freedom from your pain. If you suffer with a low back disc bulge, herniation or sciatica and would prefer not to take endless pain medication or undergo risky surgery, then you have found San Diego's non-surgical experts. Call our location in Mission Valley and let's see if we can not only end your pain in a healthy, non invasive way but make your low back stronger as well! Complimentary Consultations 619-692-0712
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May 21, 2008


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john Baughman

Had a partial laminectomy and partial Discectomy on June 13,08 still feeling the discomfort leg problems around the angle burning,tingling and pinching or sticking in the left thigh or hip area.
If surgery again is needed would laser surgery help?

cooltouch laser

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herniated disc surgery

Nice quoted. Laser spine surgery is not a natural method of cure. But they have their own merits and demerits, based on the condition of the patient. Thanks for sharing a vital information, that will help the patients who takeover spine surgery.

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